Fun loving couple seeks fun loving couples for wedding adventure!

Hi, I’m Julianna. Welcome to Tiny Human Weddings, an award winning photography company with a passion for creativity.

Noah and I are the married duo behind the camera. We met in New York City. He was a filmmaker and I was a photographer.

Noah had been taking pictures since he was kid. He was the friend capturing everyone hanging out, even busted out a video camera quite often, which I still love watching because it shows his true Wisconsin accent.

My love for photography started in high school when I took a class where we got to develop our own film. I grew up envying my sister over her talent for painting and when I discovered photography I found my calling.

Noah and I spent many nights staying up late, falling in love and talking about a future together. Five months later we were engaged and had begun the footwork for Tiny Human Photography. In those early days we ran around New York City working on movie sets and doing portraits.

The first wedding we photographed was for friends. At a fancy picnic venue in Brooklyn where they cut the cake with a sword and the groom snuck under his bride’s veil for a sweet little kiss. It completely changed the focus of our company. We put our hearts towards Tiny Human Weddings and haven’t looked back.

Weddings are a great place to let creativity thrive and a wonderful place to breathe in the romance. You’ll find us hidden in trees, creeping in corners, laying in the grass and climbing posts to capture your moments. Our photos are part documentary, part cinematic, a whole lot of artistic, candid centric and don’t worry we get those mom and pop shots too. We have a blended style to say the least.

Our approach to our clients is hands on and personal. We enjoy getting to know you. We draw inspiration from you, because while there are millions of love stories in the world, there’s only one of you.

It is an honor to preserve such a joyous chapter of your story.

A la carte pricing starts at $3300.  Email Julianna or Schedule a Call for further details.