Connecticut Wedding and Boudoir Photographers

""Truly down to earth people, who make you feel like a natural in front of the camera!"

You want to know something silly? Yay, I thought you might. After a decade of photography Julianna + Noah still get all googly-eyed and giddy over photography. Why? Because it's precious. Photography gives us this great gift of being able to relive a memory over and over, and often times those memories ignite a feeling. There's a photo from one of their first ever weddings, yes ten years ago, that still Julianna thinks back on. The parents of the groom are standing in the church doorway, his arm wrapped around his bride. You felt their love and the comfort they found in one another. It's moment's like this, at a wedding, during a family photoshoot, even at a portrait session, the moments where you are being you that Tiny Human loves to preserve.