Lead with confidence

June 17, 2022

Boudoir photography is meant to build you up. To bring the very best of you out to shine. To raise your confidence so that you lead with confidence.

I often think of pictures, in any capacity, as preservation. With wedding photography, it's pretty clear what you are preserving. The love, the family, the happiness. Their fist kiss as husband and wife. But when you think deeper into that day, as a photographer you are capturing a couples introduction to the world as a team, a very unique duo. They present themselves to their friends and family as no longer just themselves. It's a big deal and so are the other kinds of photography. 

A nature photographer captures animals often unseen by hundreds if not for their photos. A sports photographer captures athletes excelling in a craft they spend countless hours perfecting. A newborn photographer captures those precious moments that last for mere hours. A food photographer captures the essence of a nurturing meal. 

A boudoir photographer captures the confidence we spend years trying to find and build.  

Boudoir is special. You strip yourself down to your vulnerability and allow yourself to be captured, preserved, treasured even, by the eyes and soul of someone else. 

You hope to get some amazing photos out of it, but also, I hope you walk out having opened the flood gates of your confidence. No question left behind as to wether or not you are worthy to be preserved, because you absolutely are. 

Whether you know how to pose, love you body exactly as it is, or not it doesn't matter. Maybe you're like me and you feel awkward in front of the camera and feel confident in your body, not because it's exactly how you want it physically, but because of what it's capable of. Over the years I have learned that my body won't ever stay exactly how I want it. BUT, my thoughts don't have to hit hard on y confidence. My body is raising three children, loving my husband, carrying me every day to places I find inspiration. She is petite and a bit squishy and I feel incredibly sexy because no matter what my curves are mine, my body is unique. By loving my body for all her imperfections and all her sexiness I empower myself. No one else is beautiful in the same way as me

I love that line, it should be said to you too. So let's do that, and take it with you, repeat to yourself everyday. 

No one is beautiful the way you are. You are an empowering kind of beautiful just the way you are. 

Want to preserve that beauty? I'd love to help you, let's chat!