Boudoir - a first part

March 12, 2022

I am not a brand was born from utter confusion of how to pitch myself as a boudoir photographer. I don't like following a script when it comes to social media, I don't like being just one thing, in one style, in one way. I know I need to put my personal touch on things, but that is just it, my personal touch is quirky, a bit hidden, flashy but elegant. 


Boudoir for me is about accentuating your natural self. Bringing out the parts of you that feel sexy everyday and highlighting them. It's about looking at yourself everyday and finding that beauty, that sexy, that desire that's always with you no matter what. Women are becoming far more aware and in control of their sexuality, of their female power, and their ability to feel and be sexy on their own. 

Doesn't mean we don't still hold our vulnerabilities in a safe place, only ready to show them when we want and to who we want. When you put yourself in front of a camera you are asking the person behind it to see you. To see you in a light and manner not many see. You put your heart, soul and body into their hands to preserved through photographs. 

I am not a brand started repeating in my mind as I struggled to market myself, as I struggled to put me and what I felt about boudoir out there for others to see. It's an ever changing mantra, its complex and gives me a sense of freedom. Freedom to be who I am, in a manner I was built for. Freedom to photograph those in front of my camera as they are, truly as they are, without any formula as to how to do it. Freedom to be a women and to praise it. 

So, I am not a brand. I just am.