A Moment with Florals

October 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

From bouquets to center pieces to boutonnieres and beyond my enjoyment of flowers is quite grand. I cannot for my life grow them from seed in my garden but that's a mixture of not having enough time during the growing season to nurture them and maybe a tad that I didn't pick up my father’s green thumb. Instead, I enjoy spring, summer, and fall wedding flowers as if they were my own. I take in their essence, I frame them with excitement, I race across the hill to grab them for a photo with our lovely brides. 

I love seeing what the florists come up with. They are artists and true visionaries. They take pieces of what someone else has envisioned and brings it to life for our pleasure. From hanging orchids to cala lily bouquets I am always intrigued by their creations. Grand or delicate, vibrate or muted. The flower can add such an elegance to your wedding day and it doesn't get nearly enough credit. 



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