A Favorite Part ii

May 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Love in the night!


Everyone talks about taking time to soak in your wedding day. It goes by so fast, it's filled with people and love and laughter and so much to do. 


We love our night photos! I still remember when Noah approached me about instilling them into your regular flow on the wedding day. I didn't know exactly how to execute them right away but he did. I trusted him, he is the lighting guru after all. Naturally when he spoke a couple years later about adding smoke to the equation I said yes. 


This evening, the whole day really, was really special. We were on a private property and our couple trusted in us. Noah set up a light on a stand so that he could be with the camera and I could run around and move the smoke around them. It was thrilling, and nerve wracking cause we're in the dark and I'm super clumsy! 


Many thanks to this lovely couple for being the first adventure into smoke filled night photos!! It was a thrill let me tell you, such an adrenaline rush, hearing their giggles as they stared at each other and laughed with us while we made some beautiful and romantic moments. 


This picture, along with many many romantic interlude photos, is a moment we love remembering. And it gives you time to take a breath together and soak in everything that has happened through out the day! 


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