A Favorite

May 13, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


I realize more and more during this stay at home time that the world has grown much more quiet. Today, as a nearby neighbor stopped leaf blowing, I listened to the trees blowing in the wind. This high pitched soothing sound as the bright green baby leaves sang with one another. It's usually the beginning of wedding season, the madness slowly creeping up, the kids itching for school to be over and begging to stay up late because it's not yet dark. 


This year, for everyone, that is so different. We miss our couples that for sure, it's fun being a part of something so loving and magical. But we know all the rescheduling amidst the hundreds and thousands of weddings postponed that there is still so much love. 


Last summer we spent a hot day with a couple on the rocks by the ocean in Branford, CT. A little place called Owenego Inn, I felt like we went back in time being there and it was so glorious. The sloping hill with kids running around in beach wear and the couples sitting at the outdoor restaurant, while others sunbathed near the water and read books for relaxation. 


I love picturesque moments like this that stay with you. As the sky filled with soft, transparent clouds we soaked in the breeze to our skin. Moments like this will still happen this year and I am looking forward to what they might look like, what inspiration will be waiting to share with me. 


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