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In a couple weeks our daughter will turn seven. This seems crazy to me because like all parents say, "it seems like just yesterday". But seriously it does seem like just yesterday I was photographing her crazy curly hair that only grew on two sides of her head. Now she is reading books to her brothers, riding her bike up and down the street, writing stories and asking to help with the dishes. She is the coolest kid!! The other day I took her brothers to go pick up their aunt at the airport. When Avery came home from school and saw that no one was home she asked Noah where everyone was. He told her it was just going to be the two of them that afternoon. She pumped her fist in the air and exclaimed, "yes, me and dad!" 

Avery is proud of the fact that her birth story has her being born at 6:25 AM, on the morning of Father's Day. The fact that his first child was born on Father's Day is hugely impactful in all of our lives. It was also a year later to the day that she gave him her first official hug, the kind that's a hug because of love, not because he hugged her first or because she was scared or hungry or tired or any other multitude of things you hug a child for. 

Being a parent is hard work, it doesn't get off at 5 and it starts well before 9. Being a parent is also hilarious and so much fun. I can tell you that we spend 50% of ever date night away from our kids talking about how fun and cute and ridiculous they are. The other 10% is spent staring off in silence and enjoying being together without a question being asked from 3 kids at one time, and then theres the 40% that's just us talking about photography and writing and creativity and all the things we love that brought us together. 

If you see us out there in action let's trade stories!!  


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