Nicole and Jon Engagement at Harkness

September 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was a little colder this particular day at Harkness Memorial State Park but in many ways it felt nice and fresh. The sunset burned into the sky well after it had set and we stayed to capture these two with it on one of our favorite slopes ever. It is hard to say what we love most about negative space and romance but if I had to try I'd say something poetic about how the negative space allows love the room is needs to breathe, to blossom and to grow. Sometimes we are in a place with hundreds of people around us and it's always amazing to see how love gives you the ability to cut it all out. We didn't have that problem this day, the cold kept many away and it was great. It felt like our own palace on the ocean. A place we could truly be ourselves, a place we could close our eyes and still feel how beautiful it is. 


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