Craig and Naomi Wedding at The Woodwinds

September 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

From the Bride: 

When Craig and I had our first look - it was that moment that truly made the day feel real and it began to sink in that we were about to get married. I was so filled with emotion, plus having our family and the wedding party there to witness everything made it even more special. Those were also the first but not last tears of the day.
My entrance for the ceremony when I was driven in in the classic car. Partially because it was a surprise to me - an hour before the ceremony Scott, the wedding director at Woodwinds, told me about the car and we were the only people besides my dad that knew about the plan. It definitely made a memorable day even more so.
During the reception, when about half of the people who came to the wedding were on the dance floor doing a choreographed dance routine led by my sister. Also the picture with my side of the family when they all busted out clown noses! Unexpected and hilarious. There are so many more, but then I would probably write about the entire wedding.

From the Groom: 

One of my favorite moments was after we finished our first dance, sat at our sweetheart table and looked around the room at all of our guests and had a chance to take everything in.  It's an overwhelming feeling, sitting there thinking to yourself, "wow, all of these people showed up just for us".  You feel a different wave of emotion and energy than you do during the ceremony but it's nearly as awesome.
Sadly, eating a hot dog bun filled with ketchup and choc chips did not make the cut!


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